Style bar with exposed brick and junkstore decor serving cocktails and innovative global cuisine. Bar restaurant & cafe serving finger licking burgers and delicious pizzas. Lovely atmosphere & great music

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Monday - Thursday 12:00 - 00:00
Friday and Saturday 12:00 - 01:00
Sunday 12:00 - 00:00

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  • Hand-made and freshly prepared, the Royal Star's pizzas are famous for their unique flavour combinations while maintaining a classical touch. Each pizza dough is topped with a tangy tomato sauce  and soft mozzarella all around... we leave the rest to you

  • Plain and Simple

    Mozzarella & tomato sauce

    • Price£6.5
  • Classic Italian

    Ham, mushroom & black olives

    • Price£8
  • Pizza Verde

    Buffalo Mozzarella, Green Olives, Basil.

    • Price£8.5
  • Four Cheeses

    Mozzarella, Stilton, Feta, Parmesan.

    • Price£8
  • Cajun Chicken & Bacon

    with goat cheese

    • Price£8.5
  • Pepperoni

    and jalapeno peppers to spice things up

    • Price£8
  • Spicy beef sausage

    with halloumi

    • Price£8.5
  • Americano

    Barbecue beef, mushroom, roasted peppers & red onion

    • Price£8.5
  • The Soho

    Prosciutto, parmesan & rocket

    • Price£8
  • Garden

    Roasted peppers, courgette, aubergine, goats cheese & caramelised onion

    • Price£8
  • Purple and Blue

    Beetroot, gorgonzola & spinach

    • Price£8
  • Spagnolo

    Chorizo, mushroom & mix roasted peppers

    • Price£8.5

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