The Royal Star

220 City Road, London, EC1V



Style bar with exposed brick and junkstore decor serving cocktails and innovative global cuisine. Bar restaurant & cafe serving finger licking burgers and delicious pizzas. Lovely atmosphere & great music

Opening Hours
Monday - Thursday 11:00 - 00:20
Friday and Saturday 10:00 - 02:00
Sunday 10:00 - 00:20

Call. 020 7253 7323

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  • The Classic

    plain ’n’ simple, grilled to your liking 

    • Price£7
  • The Star

    smothered in delicious button mushrooms in a creamy sauce and fried onions

    • Price£8.5
  • The Italian

    with melted mozzarella and Parma ham

    • Price£7
  • Just blue

    Daily preparation

    • Price£5.9
  • Southern Belle

    smothered with strong cheddar cheese and crunchy peanut butter, just as Elvis ate it

    • Price£8
  • Finger lickin

    grilled chicken in a bun

    • Price£7.5
  • Veggie Burger

    roasted peppers, Portobello mushroom and baked goat’s cheese

    • Price£7.5
  • Christmas Menu

    Our Christmas menu has now been published!

  • Starters and Lite Bites

  • Chickpea and tahini houmus

    with freshly baked bread

    • Price£3.5
  • Greek tzatziki

    with pitta bread

    • Price£3.5
  • Deep-fried calamari

    • Price£4
  • Pan-fried Greek halloumi

    with button mushrooms

    • Price£4
  • Grilled Spanish chorizo

     served with warm ciabatta

    • Price£4
  • Mushroom soup

     served with warm crusty brown bread

    • Price£3.5
  • Main Courses

  • Traditional battered fish & chips

     served with peas and a generous helping of tartare sauce

    • Price£10
  • Succulent chicken breast, skewered and grilled

    served with tzatziki and pitta bread

    • Price£10
  • Grilled sirloin steak

    with a garlic butter sauce and baby new potatoes

    • Price£17.5
  • Fine rib-eye steak

    served with a rocket and parmesan salad and a blue cheese sauce

    • Price£15
  • Spicy chicken wings

    served with sour cream, lime and red onion pickle

    • Price£8
  • Proper Puddings

  • Hot chocolate fudge cake

    • Price£3.5
  • Monterosa cheesecake

    • Price£3.5
  • Banoffee pot

    • Price£3
  • Mascarpone and passion fruit cake

    • Price£3.5
  • Build your own

    choose a muffin and an ice cream

    • Price£3.5
  • Side Dishes

  • Skinny fries

    • Price£3
  • Baked potato wedges

    • Price£4
  • Sweet potato fries

    • Price£3
  • Rocket and parmesan salad

    • Price£3.5
  • Mixed salad

    • Price£4
  • Hail Caesar

    Classic Caesar salad topped with grilled, shredded chicken breast

    • Price£7.5
  • Club

    Chicken, bacon and avocado on a bed of mixed leaves with oil and balsamic dressing

    • Price£9
  • Veggie

    Goats cheese and butternut squash melted onto a ciabatta and served on mixed leaves with cherry tomatoes and peppers.

    • Price£9
  • Simple Sausage

    Cumberland sausage and fried onions served on granary bread

    • Price£6.5
  • Fish Finger

    Fish fingers in a ciabatta loaf with rocket and tartare sauce 

    • Price£7
  • Chicken & Bacon Melt

    Grilled, shredded chicken breast, bacon, melted cheddar and BBQ sauce served on a brioche bun

    • Price£7.5
  • £7 collection

  • Wild Mushroom

    a cup of wild mushrooms scattered amongst garlic and freshly chopped parsley

  • Vegetarian

    mushrooms, roast peppers, courgette and black olives

  • £8 collection

  • Soho

    with Parma ham, rocket and parmesan shavings

  • Pepperoni

    purely pepperoni sausage, but add some jalapeno peppers to spice up your night

  • Cajun Chicken ’n’ Bacon

    as it says with goats cheese too

  • Create your own pizza

  • Choose from

    Mushroom, roasted peppers, black olives, pepperoni, jalapeno, parma ham, cajan chicken, chorizo, bacon.

    • Price
    Only £1 per topping

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